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Roll and Release. Myofascial Release Workshop

Roll and Release

Fascia is a continuous web of connective tissue that wraps around, runs through and support every muscle and organ in the body. The cumulative effects your posture and repetitive motions of life and physical activity can result in tension and restrictions that may not be improved by simple stretching the muscles.

In this workshop, there will be a brief introduction to the fascia and its function within the body as well as how it affects your range of motion and feelings of overall well-being. You will then learn simple techniques that target trigger points of pain and common areas of tightness around your body to promote a greater sense of ease in the body.

We will use myofascial release balls to facilitate deep tissue release, improve range of motion, restore tissue pliability, improve circulation and tissue hydration, prevent injury and help stimulate your body’s own natural healing and repair process.

You can expect to leave this workshop with improved awareness about your body and its specific needs. You’ll learn simple and effective techniques that you can do in just minutes per day to help ease tightness around your body and maintain its optimal range of motion and function

Suitable for EVERYONE. No yoga experience necessary — and especially beneficial for professional sitters :)

Please bring 2 myofascial balls or tennis balls. Rad Rounds and Recovery Rounds will also be available for purchases at the workshop.

A choice of juice is also included in the workshop from Wholey Wonder menu.


RM120 Early bird registration

RM140 From 22 October

Booking is essential.

Please email to reserve your mat space.

Earlier Event: October 20
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