I decided to go on Gwen’s Malaysia retreat after feeling stressed out from working in Beijing – and it was the best decision. It was absolute bliss practicing beachside yoga in the mornings and evenings – as well as enjoying plenty of island downtime in between – and Gwen herself was a warm and knowledgeable guide. Prior to the retreat I hadn’t practiced yoga regularly for almost half a year. But, thanks to Gwen’s gentle teaching nature and habit of adapting positions to suit different bodies and levels, this was not an issue. She also introduced me to myofascial release – a form of self-physical therapy that complemented our yoga practice nicely. I came back to work feeling refreshed and energized (and maybe a little browner)
— Dominique Wong, Beijing

Being a first-timer for a retreat and a beginner at yoga, I really didn’t know what to expect of my trip.

But during my 1st evening session, I realised it was so easy to follow Gwen’s clear instructions.

For a beginner, the poses taught by Gwen was easy to follow. When some poses needed extra stretch, Gwen was always there to guide me through.

I learnt something new and fascinating as Gwen taught us about myofascial release
(You definitely need to join Gwen for her yoga retreats to learn more about this extraordinary therapy)

The best part of this yoga retreat was the sunset yoga, which we did on a beach at another part of the island. The feeling was totally awesome when you strike a pose, with your feet in the sand and looking out towards the sunset.

Making new friends was a highlight of the retreat too and the healthy food provided was delicious.

It was an amazing experience for me and I would definitely love to join Gwen’s yoga retreats again.
— Trina Chua, Malaysia
I was always feeling tired and was out of shape to boot, and I wanted an exercise that worked the body and mind, hence I decided to give yoga a try. After a few sessions of yoga with Gwen I was hooked, not only on yoga but on Gwen’s style of teaching. She’s not your run of the mill teacher as I found Gwen herself to be an inspiration. She’s constantly learning and upgrading her skills, which she then imparts to her students so that we’re always learning the correct techniques instead of just going through the motion.
However due to a relocation, I’ve had to stop yoga with Gwen and I’ve truly missed having a yoga teacher like her to learn from and who also inspires.
— Melanie Seet, Netherlands

After each lesson with Gwen, my bones, muscles and mind feel like they’ve had a good cleanse! I can feel every inch of my body and I’m more mindful of my body and movements.

Gwen’s a wonderful teacher and her classes are intimate. She provides just enough guidance without being overwhelming or excessive. I appreciate that she recognizes that everyone’s body is different so for each movement her aim is to help us feel our body rather than achieve a pose. Beginners never feel lost or intimidated.

I love how Gwen always discusses the needs of her students at the beginning and end of each lesson. She will help us work on particular areas and plans her next lessons based on these needs. Sometimes she would have a series of lessons with a particular focus. It might be on a particular area of the body or it might be based on the season. We did a series focusing on the back and that really helped me became more aware of my posture.

It’s also great when Gwen shares with us what she’s learning. She explains how and why she incorporates new techniques into her practice. It really helps strengthen our own understanding of our mind and bodies!

Gwen has also taught my son who has special needs and very poor body awareness. There’s been a few occasions where he left the class with immediate and noticeable differences! It’s incredible!
— Jacqueline Hu, New York

I have read a lot about MFR, but it is not always easy to put that knowledge into practical application. Gwen’s MFR workshop had an excellent balance of theory, anatomy and practice, with a very helpful and strong focus on how to find the trigger points and how to best apply pressure. Her teaching style is very gentle and engaged and it was easy to feel comfortable and learn. Thanks for helping me improve my pain management repertoire!
— Shannon Frances, Penang

I had limited prior yoga experience. What I love about learning yoga from Gwen is that she starts from scratch and builds from there. And instead of just blindly mimicking her poses, she explains what you’re supposed to feel in each pose because as she emphasizes, everybody’s body is different. So even though we might be mimicking a pose perfectly, we might not be working the right/correct muscles.

Having attended her classes, workshops and retreats, I have a deeper appreciation for yoga and a huge amount of respect and gratitude to Gwen for her intellectual teaching style because now, not only do I enjoy the flow of yoga, I also understand what I’m doing in each pose and the muscles that should be used or stretched and ways to avoid injury. It is a much more fulfilling way to learn and practice yoga.
— Nikki Cheah Attenbrough, Penang

I attended a 5-day yoga retreat with Gwen in Chiang Mai, at a beautiful yoga resort located in the country side with lovely vegetarian food.
I’m a beginner at yoga and Gwen carefully explained each move and checked to ensure we did the moves correctly, which put me at ease. Gwen planned each yoga session meticulously in advance, with a focus on different body parts for each session which I really enjoyed.

I would recommend Gwen’s yoga retreat to both beginners and advanced practitioners.
— Ida Johansson, Singapore

It has been an amazing experience learning and practising yoga with Gwen. I have been practicing for 3 years and she has taken me to the next level. Her classes are informative, building on my understanding and confidence.

In December 2017, I joined Gwen at a yoga retreat in Mala Dhara, Chiangmai and it was truly an added bonus for my well-being. I met new friends, ate delicious healthy vegetarian meals, meditated in serene atmosphere and most importantly, time to rejuvenate my body, mind and soul - away from the hustle and bustle of daily life

Thank you Gwen & Muddy Lotus Yoga; I look forward to your next retreat!
— Patrina Chee, Penang

Gwen’s calm, patient and knowledgeable style of yoga instruction opens doors to personal practice I never thought possible. This is predominately because of Gwen’s specialized and thorough feedback throughout the class. Gwen differentiates her lessons based on client need, even when there are multiple participants in the class. Her restorative classes were life changing for me and were a large part of being able to heal my leaky gut and overall mental and physical health.

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Gwen Tan Wynne this academic year at Dulwich College Beijing. It quickly became apparent from working with Gwen that her enormous passion and energy to deliver high quality Yoga would help improve the sports performance of the Varsity Football teams at DCB. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Gwen and found her to be an ultimately caring, flexible and highly skilled Yoga teacher. Gwen’s immensely professional approach to implementing Yoga into the School’s Football programme has seen huge improvements in the student’s mental focus and physical fitness for sports performance. 

Students at Dulwich College Beijing have been taking part in weekly Yoga and Cool down sessions planned and delivered, each one completely tailored to the needs of each and every DCB footballer. Gwen’s thorough evaluations of her sessions meant every progression was for the children’s benefits, ensuring they are meeting their performance targets every week. The mental imagery elements at the end of each session were such a powerful tool for my footballers as it provided them with a whole new concept of approaching pressured situations.

I could not recommend Gwen highly enough and would relish in the opportunity to talk about the fantastic work she has done at DCB. Gwen’s professional, personal and highly skilled delivery of Yoga has exposed my footballers to a truly inspirational, high quality and most importantly physically and mentally beneficial tool to improve sports performance that will help them in all walks of life.

I had the opportunity to practice with Gwen for a full year, both in group classes and in private setting. Gwen’s outstanding yoga experience and knowledge about the body makes every session incredibly efficient and pleasant. In private lessons, Gwen was able to fully understand my specific needs, which were a mixture of physiological weakness and mental challenges; she built a clear program for me to practice in between our session. I fully recommend Gwen to any yogi whatever their level and aspirations.

Yoga classes with Gwen have been wonderful! As a Yoga teacher, Gwen really takes the time to get to know her students and devises a program to suit their needs. Classes are safe, explanations are clear, and different variations of movements or positions are always suggested so that all abilities are comfortable in participating. After each session, I always feel more relaxed, positive and focused.
I had been trying so many different yoga classes since college. Never had the chance to really get yoga until I took Gwen’s classes. In her class, I started to notice the different muscles in my body, actively feel them for the first time. After a couple of classes, I became much more energetic and flexible. And Gwen also provided useful tips to deal with back pains, muscle problems, structural issues. If you are like me, running around, busy mom, you’ll know those little uncomfortable things that brings you down. Try Gwen’s classes - it might just surprise you.
Gwen is a fabulous and knowledgable yoga teacher. I felt I really improved in my understanding of my own body and anatomy as well as in ways to move for developing strength, flexibility and general well being. During my time in Gwen’s classes, I saw a real improvement in many areas of my yoga practice and would highly recommend her as a yoga teacher.
I have gone to many yoga classes and Gwen is the one teacher who really pushed me to understand the importance of the function of the pose. I learned from Gwen that yoga is not about the fancy and Instagram worthy yoga poses it’s about understanding your bodies strengths and weaknesses and the benefits of yoga. My interest in yoga increased and I developed confidence to practice yoga at home. With Gwen’s support, I was also encouraged to take risks and just give those inversions a go! I loved it. Gwen, I am forever grateful to you for igniting my passion for yoga.
— Elizabeth Nunan, Beijing