26, 27 May 2018 | 6, 7, 8 July 2018 - Functional Yoga Anatomy & Vinyasa Sequencing Training

@Yoga Plus D'Piazza, Penang, Malaysia

This training program was over 5 full days to build and expand the knowledge of functional yoga anatomy, biomechanics and weave that knowledge into learning safe and effective vinyasa sequences.

Well constructed Vinyasa classes are crucial to accommodate a wide range of students - from beginners to advanced. With the knowledge from functional anantomy, students were guided through Vinyasa principles to create safe and effective sequences. A teaching practice was also included for students to create and practice teach in a supportive environment with one-one-one constructive feedback.

Upon completion of this training, certified YA yoga teachers received 50 hours Continuing Credits Contact Hours towards their RYT continuing education. Non certified teachers received a certification of completion.


19 May 2018 - Fascia Flow Workshop

@Wholey Wonder, Penang, Malaysia

Fascia is densely woven connective tissue that surrounds and interconnects almost every structure in the body, pretty much like a scaffolding throughout the body. Myo refers to muscle; and fascia is the network of connective tissue that surrounds and includes your muscles.

Fascia tension is often the culprit for chronic pain as well as limiting range of motion in our bodies. Releasing fascial restriction is one of the best ways to bring the body back into its harmonious balance of strength, flexibility and protection

Myofascial release work can have a profound effect on your yoga practice and well-being. Each myofascial release has the potential to improve mobility efficiently and safely, so you can experience more ease throughout your yoga practice—and off the mat.

Integrating myofascial release into your yoga practice can help in so many ways - not just increasing flexibility and strength - but also feeling the ease of the poses and perhaps being at ease with the poses that you’re working on.


5 & 6 May 2018 - Yoga Fundamentals

@Wholey Wonder, Penang, Malaysia

This 2 days workshop was an introduction to yoga for beginners and continuing students who wish to refine their current practice. Develop the roots of a safe and solid yoga practice, reconnect with mind and body, explore sensations of grounding, expansion and space.


8 April 2018 - Establishing Core Strength & Stability Workshop | Managing Lower Back Pain Workshop

@De Yoga House, Penang, Malaysia

The first workshop takes you through a basic anatomy of the core muscles and how to engage them and use yoga poses to achieve core strength and stability.

Second workshop continues from the first where we explored muscles around the hip and yoga postures to release tension, strengthening as well as stabilising the area. Lower back pain is one of the most common medical problems facing our sedentary lifestyle, and also a popular ailment for yoga practitioners. We discussed common issues associated with lower back pain and use yoga application to manage lumbar stability and support.

Both workshops opened to all levels of yoga and especially useful for teachers in understanding biomechanics of the body to help their students with issues in core strength and lower back pain.


24 February 2018 - Neck and Upper Back Release Workshop

@Wholey Wonder, Penang, Malaysia

In this workshop, we focused on stretching and strengthening movements to release and awaken the muscles in neck and upper back to ease tension and/or pain. Most of the muscles around the neck and upper back are important supportive postural muscles vital for the health of the spine

Most of what is experienced can be broken down into bite sized portions to add into daily practice or to practice at the end of a busy day when there's no energy for a full practice but needs a good stretch. Helps counteract many hours spent at the computer, phone, on a plane or any long hours spent with poor neck and upper back positioning.


27 January 2018 - Myofascial Release Workshop

@The Space Penang, Penang, Malaysia

A two and a half hour workshop teaching simple myofascial release techniques you can do yourself using myofascial or tennis balls, yoga blocks & blankets.

According to NASM, benefits of MRF are: 
Corrects muscles imbalances, muscle relaxation, improved joint range of motion, improved neuromuscular efficiency, reduced soreness and improved tissue recovery, reduction of trigger point sensitivity and pain, decreased neuromuscular hypertonicity, provide optimal length - tension relationships, decrease overall effects of stress on the human movement system


13 January 2018 - Self Myofascial Release Workshop

@Wholey Wonder, Penang, Malaysia

A two hour workshop using simple tools like myofascial or tennis balls to explore tension patterns and gain flexibility. Myofascial release techniques are gaining popularity as a way to relieve stress, assist chronic pain as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation for athletes.




21 October 2017 - 108 Sun Salutation For Pink Ladies Penang

@Hin Bus Depot Deck, Penang, Malaysia

In conjunction of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Wholey Wonder hosted its first ever yoga charity event at Hin Bus Depot. This was a non profit donation based event, all proceeds went to Pink Ladies Penang.


30 September 2017 - Low Back, Hip Stability Workshop

@Wholey Wonder, Penang, Malaysia

Continuation from previous Core Strengthening workshop, this 2-hour workshop focused on the "core" muscles of the abdominals, lower back and hip muscles, which holds the torso and hips, therefore positioning the spine and pelvis. Pelvis stability it the ability of the trunk and pelvic muscles to keep the spine and pelvis in its original position doing any sporting activity. If these structures are kept in an optimal alignment then the muscles and joints of the lower limbs are able to function efficiently (Chat Williams, 2011).


2 September 2017- Core Strengthening Workshop

@Wholey Wonder, Penang, Malaysia

In this class, we took a look at and understood functions of the abdominal muscles and muscles surrounding the spine, categorised as "core" muscles. Experienced much of the core work on the floor, using a block to really engage the inner thighs and deep supportive abdominals. After a series of deep flexors and core activation, we explored yoga poses specifically which muscles to activate when we are in these poses.